Muscle pain – don’t let it stop you!

Muscle pain – don’t let it stop you!

Many people are familiar with the feeling when, after a strong physical training, they wake up with pain throughout the body, even in those muscles that they did not know existed. This type of pain is called muscle pain, and its medical term is delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

That is, our muscles do not hurt during the training itself, but they do after some time – usually after a day or several days. In this state you don’t even want to walk up the stairs, not talking about more training. However, this is not an approach that will be beneficial for our body.

DOMS is a natural reaction of muscles to an unusual load. Microscopic tears appear on the muscles, which cause pain and inflammation. But because of this pain, they grow and become stronger. That is, these unpleasant sensations testify to the benefits of training for our body.


Self-help methods:


It is impossible to quickly get rid of DOMS, but you can reduce pain by increasing blood flow to tired muscles. This is achieved by a massage, which can be done with a roller massager, or you can get a professional therapeutic massage.

Also, regular physical exercises, but not a big load, can lead to a decrease in the intensity of pain. Working out at home, walking, cycling, stretching can all help improve the physical state after a hard workout.

Staying at home and lying in a bed is, of course, easier and more enjoyable, but this can only exacerbate the situation, because a long stay in one position can lead to an increased muscle pain. Therefore, in the case of DOMS, the best solution is to choose active exercises, and the next time the muscles will be accustomed to the load, which will lead to a less sore state in the morning after training.