Healthy nutrition – your way to a healthier life

Healthy nutrition – your way to a healthier life

Healthy and, above all, balanced nutrition is a topic that many authors have already dealt with in greater or less detail. And you can spend hours on it.  

We want to give you as briefly as possible a few tips, how you can make your daily diet a little healthier and thus do something good for your body.  

A balanced diet is important so that the human body is supplied with all necessary nutrients to achieve the best possible performance. It also ensures that all organs are adequately supplied and therefore fully functional, so that there’s enough energy for the day.  

This serves not only the pure life support, but much more a strong immune system, which is also able to ward off diseases or fight them in case of doubt.  

  1. Take your time: This means not only that you should sit down to eat in order to consciously take it in, but also that you should chew your meals thoroughly. Studies have proven that people who gorge are more likely to be overweight or have high blood pressure. If the time isn’t there for a balanced meal, eat just a few bites. Chewing slowly and a lot ensures that the body is sufficiently supplied with nutrients and that you notice in time when you are full. So “overeating” is avoided.  
  2. Only eat when you’re hungry: This includes stopping when you’re full, no matter how delicious the food tastes. It’s important to listen to your body’s signals when doing this. Not a breakfast person? No problem. Prepare your breakfast at home and take it with you if you don’t feel like eating at home.  
  3. How many meals a day you need is up to you: YOU decide whether you prefer to eat several small meals a day or a few large ones. Again. Pay attention to your body and its signals and act accordingly. It is also important to follow rule No. 2. There are no health advantages or disadvantages if you eat several small portions a day.  
  4. The miracle of water: It is widely known that the human body consists mainly of water (50-80%). Accordingly, this should be the first choice when it comes to your choice of drink in a healthy diet. You should make sure that it is not sweetened or sugared drinks, but pure water. You should also start your day with a glass of water, it helps to flush out the waste products accumulated during the night and stimulates digestion. It is recommended to drink the glass at least ten minutes before breakfast. 
  5. Ban/reduce sugar: sugar and sugary foods (candy, fruit yogurts, cakes, etc.) have been shown to contribute to malaise and the development of disease. Benefits of a (nearly) sugar-free diet; better concentration, fewer chronic ailments, increased performance. Nevertheless, there is the possibility to treat yourself to something sweet. For example, healthy cakes or homemade chocolate made from healthy ingredients. You can find a lot of recipes online that you can follow along. 
  6. Treat yourself raw foods: raw foods provide you and your body with an incredible amount of nutrients and vital substances. It is recommended that you eat two portions of fruit and three portions of vegetables a day. A handful always refers to one serving. With vegetables, however, you do not necessarily have to pay attention to the amount, since this does not affect the blood sugar level. 

If you want to learn more about nutrition and what fits best for you and your need, just ask one of our myTeleDoc Doctors.