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All information about our service and answers to frequently asked questions by doctors can be found on this page!

To learn how to register as a doctor, click here.

As a doctor you register via our website. There you just have to follow the steps and choose if you are a specialist or a general practitioner.

To work for and access TeleDoc you need a medical license a computer or laptop with a camera and a good fast internet connection.

You can find the password reset function right at the bottom of the log in window. By clicking on it you can choose a different password through your e-mail.

If all data is complete the process including the review of your credentials is usually completed within 24 hours.

After registration your documents will be checked for accuracy and completeness. After you have been verified you can start working for TeleDoc immediately.

If the legal situation permits private prescriptions can be issued via TeleDoc. This varies from country to country.

Not yet at the moment but we are working on a solution for this matter.

As a doctor you can upload your documents on your profile page when logged in to your doctor account.

Our doctor interface is simple and user-friendly. Steps on how to use it can be found on our "For doctors" page.

We care for our patients and we know that a proper diagnose can only be given without any restrictions. Therefore the call time is not limited.

How often and for how long a doctor provides his service is entirely up to the doctor. You can decide!

The only difference is that TeleDoc`s general practitioners are on call 24/7 while specialists are only reachable by appointment.

General practitioners are paid by TeleDoc while specialist can set their own price for their appointments.

The service is free of charge until 01.04.2022 after that there is a sliding scale price per call without commitment or monthly fixed costs.

The registration concludes a service agreement that you use our platform and a contract between the doctors and TeleDoc.

Yes. You can find the contract under ...

No. Doctors can stop working for TeleDoc whenever they want.

You can easily change your data in the doctor interface in your profile.

For general practitioners it depends on the contract.

For specialists it depends on their set price.

Yes. For more information contact us directly under

Only if they want to talk to a specialist. Otherwise our software chooses and assigns a general practitioner to a patient.

No. However 30 minutes are reserved for specialist appointments.

Yes. Only the doctors and TeleDoc have access to documents uploaded by patients.

Only you have access to your medical documents. TeleDoc has access to them when reviewing them for registration.

Yes. Our data security system is certified several times.

Your consultations audio is recorded by us and saved for a limited period for legal reasons.

Detailed information can be found in the privacy statement.

You just need a computer or a laptop with a microphone and a camera.

Check the device settings below the video image. If you still can't hear or see the patient contact us directly via our contact page.

Check your internet connection and refresh your browser then try again. If you still can't connect to the patient the problem could be on the patients side.

Reopen the window and log in again. If this doesn't help contact us via contact page. (Bug report)

Still have a question? Don't hesitate to contact us anytime