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In order to use TeleDoc you need an iOS or Android-based smartphone as well as the MyTeleDoc App with an active TeleDoc membership.

Yes the whole registration process is completed inside the TeleDoc App.

Just press “I don’t have an account” and complete the registration process.

You can reset or change your password at any time with the help of your e-mail address.

TeleDoc offers general medical care for adults and children. Including Prescriptions

second opinion and vaccination.

You can talk with a doctor as often as you want.

The length of your consultation with the doctor is not limited. Precise diagnoses and good advice are very important to us.

Our standard membership applies to the registered person and can principally only be used by and for them. However

there is an exception for small children up to their sixth birthday.

Due to the enactment of the “Corona Laws” we are currently able to issue prescriptions online.

You receive your prescription directly in the MyTeleDoc App.

Unfortunately TeleDoc cannot currently issue referrals. However

this function should soon become available.

TeleDoc works abroad just like it does in Austria although it’s important to have a stable internet connection (3G 4G or 5G).Caution: Additional roaming charges could be incurred.


you can carry out the registration for another person. Simply enter the data for the other person when completing the application.

As a rule the waiting time in our App is less than a minute. You will be informed if waiting times are longer.

If you are registered you will be automatically connected with a doctor usually within a few seconds.

The doctors are principally general practitioners or specialist doctors. In the future it will also be possible to book targeted consultations for particular specialist areas.

As TeleDoc employs a team made up of several doctors it is possible that you won’t always be connected with the same doctor. However

we have an internal medical record in which every member of our team of doctors can see your medical history when you call.

The doctors come from the country you selected during registration are registered with the Medical Chamber and have several years’ experience of general practice.

For data protection reasons it’s up to the doctor whether they give you their name or not. In most cases this doesn’t present a problem.

As our system assigns you to the next doctor who becomes available there is no guarantee that you will speak with the same doctor.

All GP consultations are covered by the membership fee.

Membership prices vary from country to country. Visit our prices page to get detailed information.

Yes. Our products consist of two different memberships (TeleDoc Standard

TeleDoc Family) and a "One Time Call" option.

Our memberships are debited monthly.

TeleDoc has a 1-year minimum length of contract. You can terminate your membership every time and after such a termination it automatically ends at the end of the latest payment period.

TeleDoc accepts all common methods of payment: MasterCard


American Express




TeleDoc membership is currently not tax-deductible in most countries but see your local laws for updates.

You can log on to our website with your username and password and end your membership in the account settings.

The monthly fee covers all your TeleDoc membership included services. It does not include any costs that arise during further examinations the cost of medication the cost of prescriptions or any fees payable to your mobile telephone provider.

It is very easy to manage your contact information inside the App.

You don’t need public health insurance to use TeleDoc.

TeleDoc is not a health insurer. We are a telemedicine company which offers its services to health insurers but does not replace these.

Public health insurers do not currently bear the costs but laws are changing we will keep you posted about local changes.

The costs can be claimed back from selected health insurers. Contact your health insurer for more information.

TeleDoc is available to everyone regardless of whether they have any health insurance.

Your social security number is not required in order to have a consultation with a doctor but it is required before we can issue certain prescriptions.

Your data are secure with us because our system encrypts your data and the video transmission in such a way that only you and the doctor have access to it. More information can be found on our dedicated page for Data Protection & Security.

TeleDoc keeps an internal medical record which can only be seen by the doctor treating you.

You can retrieve your medical history in the MyTeleDoc App in the meantime please contact with any related questions.

Your consultations audio is recorded by us and saved for a limited period for legal reasons.

In order to use TeleDoc’s Services you need an iOS or Android-based smartphone as well as the MyTeleDoc App with an activeTeleDoc membership.

If the doctor cannot see or hear you ensure that your front camera and microphone are activated and that you have allowed the app to access these.


you can be logged on simultaneously from up to two devices.

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