Specialists – We need you!

Whether it is Psychology, Dermatology or Neurology – We welcome all kinds of specialists who want to offer their medical speciality online via TeleDoc.
Our specialists examine and advise patients while we try to support doctors and the patients via MyTeledoc app. Together we can build the telemedical future.

How to register as a specialist


Visit our Doctor Sign-In page https://master.
amplifyapp.com/ and click Sign-Up at the bottom of the screen to begin the process.

Create account

Enter your personal information, choose your language and password and accept the terms and conditions to create an account.

Account setup

After confirming your E-mail address you have to set up your account and upload important documents. Please also tick the box “Medical specialist”!


At the end of the Setup you will have to request an activation for your account. Our team will check your credentials and activate your account asap.

Video call with patients

Working hours

You decide when you want to work. Just sign in to your doctor profile and set your working hours.


If a patient wants to book an appointment in your set working time you will show up on the doctors list.

Video call

Now you just have to wait for the set appointment and join the call via your computer or laptop. Simple as that.

Benefits for specialists

Working hours

Working for TeleDoc is flexible. You decide when you want to work – patients can book appointments during your set working hours.


You also decide about your earnings! You set the price of your appointments in the doctor interface and patients pay you directly.

Online practice

Working for TeleDoc means you have your own online practice – more people to help, more ways to earn money, more possibilities.

Working future

Telemedicine is still in its initial stage of research. You can be a part of building and working for the telemedical future with TeleDoc.

Any more questions? Answers to frequently asked questions can be found in our FAQ’s.