Welcome to the TeleDocs!

Our customers appreciate the independence, quality and care of our services. Our TeleDocs represent just that: They are available to patients with the highest quality, online via video call – whenever and wherever they want. In addition to their existing practice as a GP or Specialist or as an opportunity for change, our TeleDocs have the choice of how they want to use TeleDoc. We are primarily interested in doctors who are registered as general practitioners but specialist doctors are also very welcome and will become more important as we extend our services.

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A quiet space, a computer or a laptop with a camera and a good, fast internet connection – is everything you require. TeleDoc provides everything else that is needed for the virtual appointment. In a completely uncomplicated and user-friendly manner.

Working conditions

TeleDocs work flexibly. Whether during the day or at night, during the week or at the weekend. The doctors decide themself when and where they want to work. Doctors as well as patients benefit from this. That is why our service is an all-in-one 24/7 solution.


The service of our TeleDocs is consulting. That’s why we got their backs in administration and technology and are always at their disposal if they have any questions. Hence everyone can focus on their strengths. We manage, they advise. With effort and motivation.


Effort is rewarded accordingly with flexible, performance-related pay. Thus, the consultation can take place outside of the practice hours – just for a few hours or more. In the future, TeleDoc will offer further benefits such as further education and promotion opportunities.