Your online doctor, how it works.

Your rapid, simple and unbureaucratic route to a digital doctor’s appointment: first-rate medical advice online in just a few clicks. Register once, benefit at any time. For a monthly fixed price with no extra costs. Register now with TeleDoc.

1. Registration

Download the “MyTeleDoc” Smartphone App from the Apple AppStore or GooglePlay Store and register directly in the App. Get answers to all your medical questions round the clock for a monthly fee starting at just € 9.99.

2. Select form of membership

  • Standard
  • Family
  • Travel / Holiday
  • Partner

3. Video Call

Your account has been set up and your membership has been activated. TeleDoc’s comprehensive range of services is now available: Expert doctors are ready to answer your medical questions by video call. Without an appointment, round the clock. Face to face via your smartphone.

4. Diagnosis & Prescriptions

TeleDocs are specially trained to offer you advice in a digital setting. They listen, observe and ask targeted questions in order to make the best possible treatment proposal. This could be medication that is prescribed via the app, or advice regarding potential treatments from, for example, a specialist. TeleDoc also gives you a second opinion in existing medications and treatment plans. In other words, around 66% of all cases at a traditional GP can already be resolved in the Virtual doctors visit: from anywhere, at any time. Making a trip to the doctor’s just to pick up a prescription – that is history. TeleDoc investigates and prescribes medication. And then this prescription is sent directly to the user’s device.

Download now

The TeleDoc app is available for downloading from the AppStore and the Google Play Store.
It is your key to personalised medical advice in the internet. Doctors can be reached 24/7 for € 9.99 per month.