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Last Updated 23.08.2021

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For media inquiries please contact CEO Florian Brandstetter at

You can also contact the country manager of the respective country you want to reach by sending a request asking for their E-Mail.

ROMANIA: Andreea Ion
BULGARIA: Ivaylo Petrov

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TeleDoc Pitch deck

TeleDoc is a combination of two words: Telecommunication and Doctor. The perfect description for telemedicine. It refers to diagnostics and therapy in which the spatial or temporal distance between doctor therapist pharmacist and patient is bridged by means of telecommunication.

We want to make healthcare affordable - accessible and convenient for everyone. To achieve this we rely on the latest technologies to create an all-in-one solution for personal health-related concerns.

TeleDoc offers an all-in-one Telehealth solution for everybody via the myTeleDoc app. Doctors are provided with an easy-to-use doctor interface for communication with their patients and customers are provided with high quality medical advice wherever they are and whenever they need it.

TeleDoc is a TeleHealth start-up which was founded in 2019 in Austria. CEOs are Christian Brandstetter and Florian Brandstetter.

TeleDoc is active in more than one country. For office addresses visit the respective country homepage and scroll down to the footer section.

Besides the CEOs Florian and Christian Brandstetter there are 17 people employed at TeleDoc. Five in Austria one in Romania seven in Albania two in Bulgaria one in Ukraine and one in Hungary.