Visit a doctor online. From anywhere, at any time.

TeleDoc is your direct route to a medical consultation – whether you need detailed advice or just a prescription renewal, visit the doctor online via a video call on your computer or mobile phone. For a basic monthly fee with no hidden costs. Expert medical information, rapidly and round the clock.

Medical advice via 1:1 video call from trained doctors

Second Opinion about recent diagnoses

Advice regarding your current medication

Questions about prescriptions and referrals

Prescriptions issued directly to your mobile phone

24/7/365 high quality medical advice online, safe and secure

From anywhere – on holiday, in the office or at home

Starting at just 9,99 € per month

Your online doctor, how it works.

Your rapid, simple and unbureaucratic route to a digital consultation with a doctor: first class medical advice online, in just a few clicks. Register once, benefit at any time. For a monthly fixed price with no extra costs. Register now with TeleDoc.

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2. Membership

3. Video Call

4. Diagnose & Prescriptions

How can TeleDoc help you?

Our doctors will be happy to support you in all medical matters: They can advise you how to treat yourself, offer a second opinion regarding an existing diagnosis, recommend a specialist or make suggestions about your current medication. No matter what the subject is, our doctors will offer you extremely professional and high-quality advice.


Chicken pox

Skin problems




Hair loss

Nausea, vomiting

Stomach pains



Anxiety, depression

Trapped nerves



Muscle pains



Shortness of breath, breathing problems

Gynaecological problems

Insect bites


Sporting injuries



Inflammation of the eyes

Sore throat

Tightness in the throat

Hand and foot pain

Problems with blood pressure

I rang at 9 pm and a doctor was immediately available and able to help me.

Renate, 44

TeleDoc saved me from a trip to the surgery.
Expert and friendly doctors!

Hans, 50

The doctor quickly understood my problem and gave me detailed advice about how I could treat myself

Vinzenz, 27

Without leaving home I was able to describe my concerns to the doctor and even got a prescription.

Julia, 41

I was on holiday at the seaside but still reached the doctor from the hotel at midnight.
Simply fantastic!

Florian, 56

I’ve never received help so quickly. I’m completely surprised how simply and practically that works nowadays. Thanks, TeleDoc

Helga, 66

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The TeleDoc app is available for downloading from the AppStore and the Google Play Store.
It is your key to personalised medical advice in the internet. Doctors can be reached 24/7 for € 9.99 per month.